Light Filler

Light Filler is a method which is produced with the developing technology and a hope for the treatment of dark circles under the eyes. The light filler is very effective in the treatment of dark circles under the eyes and is also used for facial rejuvenation.

Every product called as light filler in the market is not a light filler. The original of the light filler belongs to Teosyal company and you should question whether the product is Teosyal while you are having the light filler (light filler for under eyes Redensity II) application.

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What is Light Filler and in which fields it is used?

Under-eye Light Filler Redensity II is a product whose molecular structure has been changed and which has hyaluronic acid, amino acids and copper element. The most effective usage areas of Light Filler are dark circles under eyes and facial rejuvenation.


Treatment of Dark Circles Under Eyes with Light Filler

Light filler can be performed in one session or 2 sessions for the treatment of dark circles under eyes. It is applied to the bone due to its special structure and starts its metabolic activities in this region. Its efficiency is maximized in the 2nd month and the average dissolution duration is 10-14 months.

Before starting the treatment of dark circles under eyes, the areas of application are anesthetized by local anaesthetic creams. Then, without any pain, light filler is applied under the eyes. The application period is 5-10 minutes, and after the application of light filler under eyes, you may have bruises lasting for 3-4 days.

Is the Light Filler Permanent and Effective?

Light filler under eyes is not a permanent treatment, but it has a very high success rate in the treatment of dark circles under the eye. However, before treatment, a detailed examination is essential and the cause of dark circles under eye should be well diagnosed. Genetically formed dark circles under the eye are very difficult to treat, and mesotherapy products can be combined with light filler.

The most common causes of dark circles under eyes are a sleep disorder, smoking and alcohol consumption, and substance addiction. If the lifestyle is shaped along with the light filler under eyes, the chances of success are quite high.