Lower Eyelid Aesthetics

Lower eyelid aesthetics are performed in order to make a younger appearance and remove the tired expression which causes a look older than normal due to the lower eyelid bags.

Lower eyelid bags are formed by herniation of fat pads supporting the eyeball due to aging and genetic factors. In some cases, the skin excess may also occur without this herniation.

alt göz kapağı estetiği

alt göz-kapağı estetiği

Although there are many techniques defined for the lower eyelid aesthetic surgery, it is decided which technique will be used after the detailed examination.

Lower eyelid aesthetic surgery can be performed under local or sedation/general anaesthesia. The surgery duration is between 60-90 minutes. The most frequently used technique for surgery is the technique which is applied with an incision extending from just 1-2 mm below the eyelashes to crow’s feet. By removing surgically more part of the fat pads that become herniated, the appearance of bags is decreased and if there is excessive skin, the excess is removed and the under-eye bags are eliminated. In some patients after under-eye bags are removed, if there are pits present at the level of the tear duct, these fat pads can be transferred to these areas. In the same operation, both the under-eye bags are removed and the existing pits under eyes are filled.

Lower Eyelid Aesthetics Recovery Process

After lower eyelid surgery, there are very thin sutures at the bottom of your lashes that are soft and do not disturb you. These sutures can be removed after 5 days or can be expected to dissolve itself. In eyelid aesthetic surgery, oedema and bruises are slightly more than upper eyelid surgery. However, all oedema and bruises disappear completely within 10 days.

Is Lower Eyelid Aesthetic Surgery a Permanent Solution?

Removal of under-eye bags is a permanent solution; sleep disorder, smoking use are factors that decrease the efficiency of this surgery. After under-eye bags are removed, your skin may loosen again and some bags may occur with the aging process. But it is never the same as before and the possibility of recurrent surgery is very low.

Does Any Scar Remain After Lower Eyelid Aesthetic Surgery?

If the procedure is applied to the eyelash area for removal of under-eye bags, small scarring occurs on this area, not much. This scar becomes completely invisible in 2-3 months and it is never seen from the outside.

Another method for removal of under-eye bags; an incision is made inside eyelid and in such case, there is no scar on the face. However, this technique is applied to the person without excessive skin and for application of this technique, your specialist decides after a detailed examination.

What Should Be Considered After Eyelid Aesthetic Surgery?

I recommend you to use sunglasses to protect from the sun for the first 2 weeks after lower eyelid aesthetic surgery (eyelid surgery). And I recommend artificial tears and antibiotic drops to prevent possible eye dryness. In very rare patients, the lower eyelid may be sag after the surgery, which is a possible condition and it returns to normal with a 2-week massage.

Who Can Have Under-Eye Bags Removed?

I do not recommend any age group for lower eyelid surgery. The reason is that under-eye bags disturb people at any age. For this reason, anyone who is disturbed by under-eye bags may have this operation if they are considered suitable for surgery after the examination.