Breast Reduction

Breast reduction surgery is performed when your breasts are larger than your body lines. Hormonal disorders; excessive weight gain, pregnancy, and genetic factors are among the reasons for large breasts.

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Briefly, general discomforts in women who want to undergo breast reduction surgery are;

– Bra strap marks on the shoulder area caused by big and large breasts

– Neck and back pain due to sagging of large and big breasts; this problem is one of the most important reasons for breast reduction surgery.

– Sweating-related dermatosis and skin sensitivity under the breast

Large breasts disproportionate to your body lines can cause back and neck pain; and so cause hunchback posture which we call posture disorder. At the same time, bra straps can leave serious marks on your shoulders and may cause dermatological disorders called dermatosis under the breast. In consideration of all these problems, in fact, breast reduction surgery is not for only an aesthetic purpose but also can be an operation necessary for health. Anyone who is older than 18 years of age and has regular menstruation may undergo breast reduction surgery.

How is the Breast Reduction Surgery Process?

You will be thoroughly examined by a plastic surgery specialist before breast reduction aesthetics, and after the necessary measurements are taken, the reduction ratio is calculated in pursuant to your body lines.

After the necessary drawings have been completed, an appropriate surgery to last approximately 2-3 hours will be performed. After breast reduction surgery, the thin hoses called the drain hoses are left on both sides of breasts to evacuate the remaining blood, serum, etc. These drains are taken out in 24-48 hours and then you are discharged from the hospital. While you are being discharged, your first dressing is carried out and you will wear a special push up bra called sports bra, and you will use this bra for 1-3 months. These push up bras are provided by your doctor who performs breast reduction surgery.

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Recovery Process of Breast Reduction Surgery

You do not have very serious pain after breast reduction surgery, and you continue to use painkillers and antibiotics for 1 week. The getting back to normal life process ranges from 48 to 72 hours and there is no obstacle to work or move.

After breast reduction aesthetics, the appearance of oedema and stitch scar is noticeable in the first 10 days. Breast reduction is an easy operation to recover according to the duration of the surgery and the number of scars formed. After 10 days, Breast reduction aesthetics increases the patient’s self-confidence and happiness with the fitting shape on the body. This process lasts for 3 to 6 months in breast aesthetics and after 6 months the final results of breast reduction surgery begin to emerge.

Does Any Scar Remain After Breast Reduction Surgery?

In breast reduction surgery, there are different techniques used for each patient and the most common of these are ‘vertical scar’ an and ‘an inverted T scar’ surgery techniques.

After inverted T breast reduction surgery, the T-shaped scar remains around the breast and extends along under breast, the scars on the nipple does not appear and other scars turn the skin colour as time passes by, but do not completely disappear.

In the vertical scar breast reduction surgery, a shorter scar remains only on the nipple and from the nipple to the lower part. These scars are relatively less noticeable than the inverted T. However, this technique cannot be applied to every patient and it is decided during the examination.

Many colleagues in Izmir who perform breast reduction surgery can apply both techniques. The most important process in breast reduction surgery is the process of deciding which technique to apply.

Does the Breast Reduction Surgery Affect Breastfeeding?

During breast reduction, there is also a portion of the mammary ducts in the reduced tissue so that 20% of the milk decreases during breastfeeding. Breastfeeding may be affected slightly after breast reduction surgery, but this may vary depending on the patient and the structure of your breasts.

How Much Can the Breasts Be Reduced by Breast Augmentation Surgery?

After the breast reduction, the breasts can be reduced in the ratio of the patient request according to the body size and the width of the shoulder. When some patients come for the examination, since they suffer from large breasts, they reproach usually that they want their breasts as small as possible. And since most men do not know how disturbing this situation is, we cannot understand its importance, but this reproach of the women who want breast reduction is justified. However, since breast aesthetics is an operation that increases self-confidence, I advise my patients to have breast reduction necessary for breast aesthetics to be appropriate to the body lines. After breast reduction, if you wanted to have very small breast, after a while, when you look at the mirror you may not like the current situation and you may want to have a little larger at this time. Therefore, if you have decided on breast reduction surgery, I recommend that you leave the amount of breast reduction to your doctor.

What Are the Risks of Breast Reduction Surgery?

Although the risk of complications is very low in breast reduction surgery, there are some situations that may occur:

– Deterioration of nipple by being blackened called the nipple areola necrosis: this problem is usually seen in people with coagulation disorders, diabetic patients and those who smoke a lot of cigarettes. However, the incidence is less than 1% and its treatment is available.

– Hematoma, seroma: if bleeding continues during the operation, the breast skin manifests itself with redness and pain. However, these bleedings are taken out with the hoses called drain and this complication is very rare.

– Infection: Since you continue to take antibiotics during the operation and afterwards, this complication is also very rare.

Will My Breast Enlarge Again After Breast Reduction Surgery?

No, they will not enlarge after breast reduction aesthetics. However, if you gain excessive weight or become pregnant soon, your breasts may sag.

Does Breast Reduction Surgery Increase the Risk of Breast Cancer?

No, there is no evidence that breast reduction surgery increases the risk of breast cancer. In contrast, large breasts are among the risk factors for breast cancer. Therefore, breast reduction surgery can be said to reduce the risk of breast cancer. However, it is definitely not a protection method, and there is no scientific data. After the age of 35, all women should have regular mammography and breast examination.

How Much Does Breast Reduction Surgery Cost?

Breast reduction surgery cost is determined by seeing and examining the patient. Breast reduction cost varies depending on the operation and technique.