Breast Lift

Breast lift surgery (breast push-up surgery) is performed for treatment of breast sagging as a result of the sagging of the breast tissue in time caused by gravitational effect due to excessive weight gain-loss, pregnancy and aging in time. Breast lift surgery lifts breast sagging up and provides a younger look.

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The purpose of breast lift surgery is to lift breast sagging up. There are many techniques defined for breast lift surgery, and the technique to be used for breast lift is determined by whether the breast volume is adequate and the condition of the breast sagging.

If there is a lack of volume in addition to breast sagging, breast prosthesis surgery together with breast lift surgery is required to compensate for lost volume. Or, on the contrary, if your breasts are large in addition to your breast sagging, breast reduction surgery together with breast lift surgery is required.

Recovery Process of Breast Lift Surgery

Average getting back to normal life process is for 2 to 4 days according to the technique of the surgery applied after the examination. Breast lift surgery lasts for 1-3 hours according to the technique of the surgery applied.

You have some pain after breast lift surgery and these pain can be eliminated with painkillers. After breast lift surgery, you have oedema on the breasts and your breasts look larger than they are. It should not frighten you, as it is a normal expected process in breast lift surgery, and getting back to the normal appearance of the breasts takes about 45 days.

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Does Any Scar Remain After Breast Lift Surgery?

According to the technique used after breast lift surgery, there are some scars around the nipple-areola or below your breast line. However, these scars will recover in 1-3 months and the skin begins to turn its normal colour.

Is there a Non-Surgical Breast Lift Method?

This question is frequently asked by my patients. Although the answer is very unpleased for my patients, unfortunately, there is no such thing as non-surgical breast lift, non-surgical breast push-up, non-surgical breast augmentation method and so on. There is no other way rather than to remove surgically the sagging breast tissue and excess skin in an appropriate manner and to support them with breast prosthesis if there is a lack of volume.

On the internet, unfortunately, there are many articles to mislead patients called information trash as well as a lot of correct information. The most common issue I see is a breast lift with a laser. Unfortunately, although the laser provides some improvement in the sagging skin, the reason of breast sagging is not only caused by the skin but also by the sagging of the breast tissue. Therefore, breast aesthetics is unfortunately only performed surgically.

Another issue I encounter is breast augmentation and breast lift with permanent breast filler. Breast augmentation with breast filler and breast lift cause serious complications in the long term. And contents of the filler are very difficult to remove as it is completely penetrated into the breast tissue and therefore it is a procedure that causes the complete removal of the breast tissue in many patients.

Can Breasts Be Lifted Only by Breast Prosthesis?

This is the second question that most of my patients ask me. Yes, breast lift surgery can be performed only by breast prosthesis. The degree of breast sagging is important for this. If breast sagging is too excessive, a breast push-up operation should be performed by leaving an inverted T-shaped scar. However, when the patient requests that she does not want to have too many scars, some colleagues try to remove the excess skin by placing the prosthesis larger than normal, even if it is not appropriate. For the first 6 months, the patient and the doctor are satisfied but after 1 year the placed prosthesis begins to sag and creates a very uncomfortable appearance. In such a case, you have to undergo prosthesis replacement surgery together with a breast lift surgery which you would have had to at first. For this reason, it is useful to consider what your doctor advises you during the examination.