Body Aesthetics

The most common methods used in body shaping are regional shaping with laser lipolysis and vaser lipolysis. In more advanced cases, we refer to methods such as tummy tuck and thigh stretching.

The aim of laser lipolysis and vaser lipolysis is not to lose weight, but to give shape by breaking down regional intractable fats.


Laser Lipolysis | Liposuction

Laser Lipolysis (liposuction) is the process of aspiration made through the small incisions with the help of special cannulae attached to the vacuum pump of subcutaneous adipose tissue by protecting the vascular and nerve structures. Laser lipolysis surgery (liposuction)  is one of the most popular today, but one of the most misunderstood operations in terms of its effectiveness and surgery indication. Liposuction surgery (liposuction) is not a weight loss method after surgery, but to tighten and help tighten, help contouring body lines.

As technology progresses in recent years, we, as a team that closely follows this technology, use laser liposuction or 3D laser lipolysis techniques instead of classical liposuction, except for mandatory cases. For that reason, I emphasized below in the parenthesis where the word liposuction was mentioned. Laser lipolysis and laser liposuction are the same, the difference from the classical liposuction is to perform liposuction by using the heat and tightening effect of the laser device.

3D laser lipolysis is a new concept; it is the completion of reshaping and eliminating fat deposits by running of the device working with 3 different technologies in different stages. With 3D laser lipolysis, a greater amount of fat can be removed and the skin can be tightened much better. However, 3D laser lipolysis is still not suitablefor overweight patients.


Tummy Tuck Surgery (Abdominoplasty)

Abdominoplasty is the most effective and permanent way to get rid of abdominal fat and sagging. Excessive weight-gain or repetitive pregnancy cause sagging of the skin in the abdomen and accumulation of fats in the area of sagging. Even if you do exercises, the sagging of the abdominal area is not removed completely. For these reasons, in order to get rid of abdominal fat deposits and sags, the abdominoplasty need arises.

Abdominoplasty also enables the removal of stretch marks of the abdominal region and body caused by excessive weight loss-gain. Thus, both the abdominal sagging and the stretch marks of the abdomen (postpartum stretches, etc.) are treated.


Leg Aesthetics

Leg Aesthetics, Correction of Genu Valgum and Other Deformations

The need for leg aesthetics is resulted in congenital or later deformations in the leg area, genu valgum or legs’ being too thin or thicker than normal. Developing methods with today’s technology can create effective solutions to problems such as thin legs, thick legs and bowlegs, excessive fat accumulation in knees and ankles.

These present situations are problems that cannot be solved by exercise or assistive equipment and occur usually the result of genetic inheritance.

If there is a significant difference in diameter between the two legs or deformations in certain areas, appropriate symmetry can be achieved with liposuction and fat injection.


Thigh Lift | Leg Lift

Thigh lift surgery is an operation for the removal of sagging in the thighs (leg) area due to excessive weight loss-gain. Thigh lift and leg aesthetic surgeries are not the same. You can find more information about leg aesthetics in ‘leg aesthetics’ section.

Thigh lift surgery (leg lift surgery) is an operation that lasts for 2-3 hours and is performed under general anaesthesia. After the detailed examination, the technique to be used is determined and according to this technique, incisions are made extending from the inner leg area to the knees depending on sagging with cuts from inside inguinal area or hip fold. By performing lifting procedure through these incisions made to remove the leg (thigh) sagging, the skin and fat tissues that cause sagging are removed and incisions are closed with scars hidden in the body folds.